Heirloom Asparagus

Heirloom Asparagus

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Mary Washington is an heirloom asparagus variety that was introduced by the US Department of Agriculture in 1949.  This is the heirloom asparagus variety that you probably ate as a kid.  It has remained a consistent favorite of gardeners and farmers ever since, and one of the most widely-grown asparagus varieties. 

This variety is open-pollinated, which means it will have a nearly even split between male and female plants.  Spear quality is very good, flavor is excellent, and the foliage will have more lovely bright red berries than the hybrid varieties.

A delicious perennial vegetable, asparagus can be enjoyed from the same plot for up to 20 years without replanting.

  • 1-year plants
  • Shipped as bare-root crowns
  • Perennial 

For information on care and planting of asparagus plants, go to:  www.krohneplantfarms.com/pages/growing-asparagus