AC Wendy Strawberry Plants

AC Wendy Strawberry Plants

Sold Out for 2020. 

 AC Wendy strawberry plants are our earliest variety to ripen.  An excellent choice to begin your season with for a home garden or fruit market.  This short-day cultivar is a comparable alternative to Annapolis.   

Developed and tested in Kentville, Nova Scotia this variety is very winter-hardy.  The plants are vigorous and produce ample runners to establish matted rows.

The primary berries are wedge-shaped, others conic.  The fruit is juicy and possesses a classic strawberry flavor with a slightly tart aftertaste.  Soft when fully ripe, these strawberries are excellent for freezing or fresh eating.

• Early Season strawberry plants
• Large fruit size
• Good fruit flavor
• Medium-Firm berries
• Good freezing quality
• Good runner production
• Resistant to Red Stele
• Mild Resistance to Powdery Mildew
• Perennial / Junebearing
• 1-year strawberry plants
• Shipped bare-root


 *Patented varieties cannot be propagated without permission. Royalty fees are included in their price