Cavendish Strawberry Plants

Cavendish Strawberry Plants

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Cavendish strawberry plants are a highly productive mid-season strawberry variety with very large, firm, dark red and glossy fruit. 

Cavendish boasts a lengthy harvest period, which makes this variety popular for both U-pick and home garden use.  The plants are smaller and the canopy density is less than for Honeoye.  They are moderately vigorous, and runner well under good growing conditions (but not excessively), allowing considerable energy to instead be invested in large fruits and a bountiful harvest.

Despite its compact plant size, the fruit is much larger than Earliglow or Sparkle, with consistently higher yields than Annapolis.

Winter-hardy.  Grows throughout zones 4-8.  

• Early Mid-Season: ripens about 4 days after AC Wendy
• Very large fruit size
• Good fruit flavor
• Firm berries
• Excellent freezing quality
• Good runner production
• Resistant to Red Stele, tolerant of Leaf Spot


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