AC Valley Sunset Strawberry Plants

AC Valley Sunset Strawberry Plants

Sold Out for 2020.  We recommend Jewel as a substitute.

 Developed in Canada, AC Valley Sunset strawberry plants are one of the latest fruiting strawberry varieties, safely blooming after the fear of hard frost has gone (about 5-7 days after Cabot).  AC Valley Sunset is a great cultivar to extend your strawberry season later into summer. 

Plants are large and show good vigor, producing sufficient runners to establish matted rows.  Average yields with beautiful, very large, bright red berries and excellent flavor.  Self-pollinating.  

• Late Season: Berries ripen about 12 days after AC Wendy
• Very large fruit size
• Excellent flavor
• Moderately firm berry
• Fair freezing quality
• Good runner production
• Resistant to Leaf Spot, Powdery Mildew, Red Stele, Leaf Scorch, Verticillium
• Best in Zones: 4-7
• Junebearing 
• 1-year strawberry plants
• Shipped bare-root


 *Patented varieties cannot be propagated without permission. Royalty fees are included in their price